Lobster Fruit Salads
Steamed lobster with mayonnaise and assorted fruits

Cream Asparagus Soup
Asparagus cream soup with corn and crab

Tom Yam Soup
Hot and sour Thai soup with prawn, squid, tomato, coriander leaf and mushroom


Vietnamese Beef Black Pepper Sauce
Sliced beef tenderloin served with vegetable and Vietnamese black pepper sauce

Sweet of and Sour Chicken
Wok fried chicken with vegetable and sweet sour sauce


Fried Rice Yang Chow
Chicken  fried rice Chinese style

Seafood Fried Rice XO Sauce
Seafood fried rice with chicken egg, vegetable and XO sauce

Stir Fried Rice Noodles
Wok tossed rice noodle with vegetable, seafood and soy sauce

Egg Noodle Singapore Style
Singaporean egg noodle with prawn, vegetable and chili sauce


Balacan Water Spinach
Wok fried water spinach with balacan sauce

Baby Kailan
Sautéed baby kailan with garlic and XO sauce    
Crab Broccoli
Wok tossed broccoli with crab meat and egg

Singaporean String Beans
Stir fried baby string beans with teri, dried shrimp and Szechuan sauce

Stir Fried Vegetables
Stir fried vegetable with mushroom and oyster sauce


Deep Fried Prawn Szechuan
Fried prawn and vegetable tossed with Szechuan sauce

Seafood Sapo Tofu
Deep fried prawn, squid and vegetable with oyster sauce

Prawn Golden Sand
Spicy crispy prawn

Squid XO
Deep fried squid with onion, vegetable, kailan and XO sauce


Bakpao Tausa
Steamed red bean chinese bun ( 3pcs )

Hakaw Udang
Steamed prawn dumpling (4 pcs)

Kaki Ayam
Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce (5 pcs)

Mantao Goreng  / Steam
Deep fried/steamed plain Chinese bun (4 pcs)

Deep fried Chinese ball with sesame seed filled with mung beans (3 pcs)

Steamed prawn and chicken dumpling ( 4pcs )